Peapod Facts

Serving the greater Chicagoland area for over 30 years, Peapod is a trusted local grocer that provides innovative shopping experiences, convenient value and everyday meal solutions. Peapod delivers across more than 500 zip codes, putting customer care first and helping to simplify the shopping process. Whether using its intuitive website or award-winning mobile app, Peapod allows customers to conveniently shop faster and smarter – wherever and whenever fits their ever-changing lives. Peapod offers a full range of flexible delivery options including early morning and late-night delivery times, unattended service and expanding same-day service. In addition to all the fresh variety and pantry staples a typical grocery store offers, Peapod also provides access to a variety of easy-to-make, ‘no subscription required’ meal kits, shoppable recipes, useful dietary shopping guides and many other convenient features. Peapod is part of the Ahold Delhaize USA family of great local brands.

When was Peapod founded?

Andrew and Thomas Parkinson pioneered the online grocery delivery concept in 1989 when they founded Peapod in Evanston, Illinois as part of a local incubation lab. Combining backgrounds in consumer product marketing and technology, the brothers established Peapod as a smart shopping solution for busy families.

Where does Peapod source its groceries?

In the Midwest region, Peapod sources its groceries from a proprietary distribution center in Lake Zurich, IL. Using its own picking center helps Peapod control inventory and product quality. 

What’s changed since Peapod joined forces with Ahold Delhaize?

In 2000, Peapod became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Royal Ahold, the international food provider based in The Netherlands, and pursued exclusive relationships with Ahold USA grocers, Stop & Shop, and Giant Foods. In 2016, Royal Ahold merged with Belgian-based retailer Delhaize, creating Ahold Delhaize, one of the world’s biggest food retail groups. The Ahold Delhaize acquisition has allowed Peapod to employ a more integrated bricks-and-clicks business strategy: expanding its partnerships with Ahold Delhaize stores; leveraging the buying power of Ahold Delhaize to make higher-volume, lower-priced purchases; lowering distribution and transportation costs; and boosting inventory management to reduce out of stocks. 

What is Ahold Delhaize?

Ahold Delhaize is one company with 22 strong local brands (Peapod included, of course) in 11 countries on 3 continents. Together, Ahold Delhaize has approximately 6,500 stores serving over 50 million customers each week, making it the largest traditional grocery retail group in the U.S.

What is Peapod’s outlook on the online grocery industry?

Sales for online groceries, both delivery and pick-up, are continuing to rise. With its experience and expertise in grocery delivery, Peapod is excited for the future as more Americans look towards the internet for their groceries. From cities to suburbs, consumers can rely on Peapod’s convenience for their weekly shop.

Can customers use manufacturer coupons with Peapod?

Peapod doubles manufacturers’ coupons and features hundreds of weekly specials online. Customers redeem valid manufacturer coupons with Peapod drivers. Coupons are then credited to a customer’s account and can be applied to future orders.

What types of features does Peapod offer to enhance the online shopping experience?

The special features on Peapod’s mobile app and desktop platform are designed to help the custumer shop faster, save money, and select the right products based on their personal taste and dietary needs.

  • Order Genius: Auto-fill your cart with the items you buy most frequently and even recall shopping history.
  • Sort Feature: Find products with the best price, to meet your dietary needs, even see which product is most popular. Select your sort preference from the drop-down box at the top of every page. Click the Save Sort link and your products will always be sorted that way.
  • Filter Feature: Filter to only see the products that meet your needs, whether you’re looking for dairy-free cereal or peanut-free snacks.

How do Peapod’s products stay fresh?

Peapod’s proprietary Stay Fresh delivery system maintains products at their optimum temperature from the farm all the way to a customer’s front door. Warehouses, trucks and delivery bins are all climate-controlled.

How are customers’ items selected in the warehouse?

Working out of the company’s state-of-the-art freestanding distribution center, Peapod’s team of more than 4,600 associates is made up of drivers with impeccable records, Personal Shoppers who select the best produce, meats and seafood, and a team of behind-the-scenes support supply chain and logistics experts who work hard to optimize our customers’ shopping and delivery experience.

Is all transporting of goods done via trucks? What is the delivery fee?

Yes, Peapod uses only climate-controlled delivery to bring groceries to customers' homes. For a fee as low as $6.95, most customers can place orders for delivery as soon as next-day (and same-day in some areas) or up to two weeks in advance.

Where is Peapod based?

Peapod’s headquarters are in Chicago, Illinois.

Where are Peapod’s markets located?

Peapod as a pure-play brand operates in select Midwest markets, including Chicago, Indianapolis, and Milwaukee. 

How many orders has Peapod delivered since its inception?

Peapod has made over 50 million deliveries since it first started.

Does Peapod provide financial annual reports?

No. Since Peapod operates under Ahold Delhaize, all financial reports are kept private. Peapod is not publicly traded.

Does Peapod offer same day or instant delivery?

Peapod has recently begun offering shoppers a same-day delivery option in select pilot markets. While this is in test phases, the company aims to provide same-day or immediate delivery options to 65% of our shoppers by end of 2020.

To see if your order is available for same-day delivery in the pilot area, complete your order as usual via and look for the one-hour delivery window at checkout. 

In the meantime, Peapod continues to offer the convenience of next day service as well as pick-up locations at more than 200 locations.